The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist – For You And Baby

Congratulations! As you anticipate the arrival of your new baby, it is essential not forget one of the most important third trimester to-dos : selecting what to pack in your hospital bag—for you, your baby and your birth partner.

Most women will go into labor between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, so it is advisable to pack well ahead of your due date. If you are expecting twins or multiples, it is recommended that you pack well ahead of the 35  week mark.

Use this essential checklist to help you pack all you need for your maternity hospital bag. (If you’re planning on a home birth, it’s still good to have all your gear ready and available somewhere)

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  • Birth plan

It reflects your wishes and preferences on the type of labor and birth you would like to have. You will need to be flexible about some things and be mentally prepared for changes that may come up during labor.

  • Bathrobe

This will be useful if you end up pacing the cold hospital corridors during labor. Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)

  • Nightgowns

You may wish not to wear the hospital maternity gown, but make sure to get a front-opening nightgown if you plan to breastfeed. Buy from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)

You might want to take a look at these matching mother and baby maternity robes


  • Nursing Bras

Buy from Asos (CHECK PRICE)


  • Nursing Pads

Buy from Target (CHECK PRICE)


  • Nipple cream

Buy from Target (CHECK PRICE)


  • Socks to keep your feet warm and cozy

You will love these really cute maternity socks from Etsy (CHECK PRICE)


  • Slippers 

Labor often includes a lot of walking around so make sure to include comfortable footwear. If you would like to treat yourself to a new pair of slippers, Macy’s got some absolute lovely ones. (CHECK PRICE)


  • A change of clothes for visitors and for going home.

Psst! You will still look about 6 month pregnant when you leave the hospital. One thing’s for sure, you will look good in one of these dresses from Macy’s(CHECK PRICE)


  • Toiletries including towels

Buy this travel pack size from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)


  • Tens Machine

A drug-free kind of pain relief used in early labor. Make sure to practice how to put it on.

Buy from Amazon ( CHECK PRICE)


  • Your phone and charger


  • Camera




  • Blanket 

A blanket to keep your baby warm on the way home. It’s nice for baby if it’s something you’ve snuggled with so that it smells of you. Buy from Carters (CHECK PRICE)


  • Scratch mittens, hats and socks

Buy from Carters (CHECK PRICE)


  • Bodysuit

Buy from Carters (CHECK PRICE)


  • Muslin squares

Drape these over your shoulder when winding your baby, particularly if they are inclined to bring back up some feed. Buy from Target (CHECK PRICE)


  • Sensitive wipes

Newborns shouldn’t have anything but water on their delicate skin for the first few weeks and sensitive wipes are designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. Buy from Target (CHECK PRICE)


  • Baby bottles

It will be a good idea for dad to bottle feed baby with expressed milk so mom catch some needed rest.  Anti-colic bottle has a mechanism for reducing the amount of air the baby takes in during feeding. Buy from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)


  • Going-home outfit

Choose something really special from Dillards (CHECK PRICE) or Amazon (CHECK PRICE ) . Do remember to include a jacket or snow suit in the winter months.


  • Car seat

You need one to get the baby home! Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)




  • Birthing playlist 

This can help mom ease anxiety and help her relax

  • Snacks and drink

Have a stash of nibbles to keep you occupied, fed and comfortable

  • Toiletries

Make sure you remember to pack a toothbrush and some toothpaste so you can both freshen up.

  • A change of clothes
  • Phone and charger
  • Camera – to record your baby’s precious first moments.





  • Accessories for your first photos with your newborn.

Check out this really lovely hair accessories for your baby girl and this cute newborn bow tie for your boy.

  • Pacifier 

We know not everyone is on the pacifier train, but if you are, be sure to throw one in your hospital bag. Buy from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)

  • Sweet Almond Oil

Put some almond oil on baby’s bum after each diaper change and the poo (meconium) comes right off next time you wipe them. Buy from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)

  • Baby milestone cards for those precious first photos

Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)



Typically, your hospital should provides these items during your stay ( do check with them). What ever the case may be, these items will be needed for when you get home.

  • Sanitary/ Maternity Pad

You may need to change your pad every hour or two hours after giving birth and will definitely run out of the stash from the hospital. Buy from Walmart (CHECK PRICE)

  • Cloth Nappies or  Diapers

Your newborn might get through 10-12 diapers each day, so start stocking up now and buy in bulk too, its works out cheaper. Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)

  • Breastfeeding Pillow

Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)

  • Parenting & Baby Book

Buy from Amazon (CHECK PRICE)


Congratulations mama! Your hospital bag is now packed.  Keep it handy, either in the car or in your hallway, so you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice. And of course we look forward to featuring your newborn over on our Instagram page!




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