Proper Positioning Techniques For Breastfeeding

By Healthertainer


It is essential to ensure that the act of breastfeeding is done right if not the mother as well as the child suffers the consequences.  It’s not supposed to hurt to breastfeed; Sore nipples almost always mean your baby needs to be latched on more deeply.

How to “LATCH ON” your baby to ensure optimal suckling:

The technique

1. Comfort- a comfortable chair with a back rest. Another stool to rest the feet will give more posture advantage

2. Place baby’s tummy against your tummy. “The tummy to tummy” rule is crucial.

3. The “Come to mama” rule. Do not lean towards baby, Bring baby towards you to avoid straining the neck or shoulders.

4. Guide your breast to baby’s upper lip(not the center of the mouth) using the C hold or U hold. Make sure your fingers are not close to the baby’s mouth.

5. The “no chin to chest” rule. Baby’s head should be tilted backwards not downwards.

6. The “nipple + areola” rule. Make sure baby”s mouth is latched to the nipple along with most of the lower part of the areola (the dark round portion of the breast)

7. The “fish flank” rule. Baby”s upper and lower lips must be flanked out like a fish. If not, use finger to open up the lower or top lip to achieve this. .

If latch on is properly achieved, the mother and baby is happy.

By the way, the rule says “feed on demand” so no matter where you are kindly feed your baby.


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